Monday, November 16, 2009

Proxy server?

The first answer is almost right. It does mask your original ISP address, however if you're doing something very naughty they can still track you down....Proxys tend to be a tad slower....

Proxy server?
is something you use to mask your online IP address.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Proxy server?

what is a good one?

Proxy server?
Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work, and myspace can wait until you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyways?
Reply:I found some brand new proxy lists which is free and unlock myspace,youtube,facebook, etc.

Here is the lists:
Reply:Free web unblocker to unblock Myspace Facebook Bebo


thanks a lot.
Reply:You will be suspended or expelled if your caught and could get in big trouble with the law.

Don't Hack your Schools Computer.
Reply:Browse your favourite websites with our free proxies.


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Reply:You can unblock websites/ use a differnt IP

with a proxy, use these

proxies, Super speed:






Be sure to tell your friends or post them to

you myspace page or blog so others can enjoy.





Reply:Try these. Some have Youtube videos plugin
Reply:Check the list..

All are login enabled,fast and free. New server......

Proxy server?

Everything you wanted to know about a proxy server but were afraid to asks (see link)

Proxy server?
what kind of question is that? do you want a proxy server? do you want to know what it is?
Reply:Here you go, try these:
Reply:hey, by using a proxy you can bypass the filters and unblock websites like MySpace at school and at work.


This one fully works with MySpace, and YouTube as well.

As you might know, proxies are getting blocked by the network admins from schools or offices very fast. Do you really want to keep on asking or searching for working proxies everytime your current proxy has been blocked? Well, I don't think anyone would like to waste this kind of time...

This proxy belongs to a proxy network named BPN, which updates new proxies every week. You just need to stick to BPN, then you could never worry about the same problem ever again.

You can find BPN's link on this proxy, and you can find more working proxies by BPN. If you think it's good, don't forget to tell your friends!

Reply:Almost all of the Proxy that is created is not working on MYspace like Comments and Post bulleting and in Youtube , you can't even watch a video.

But This proxies are MODIFIED and tested on Myspace and YOUTUBE please try this 100% modified for myspace and youtube.
Reply:proxy servers r sites that you go to, to viste others site. this hides your computer IP address and uses the proxy sites instead, making it look like the proxy site is looking a site instead of you.

they can also be used to get around filters.
Reply: works awesome.

It's always up, you can watch Youtube %26amp; MySpace videos, and theres no restrictions.

It's really fast and fairly new so it won't be blocked by your filter.

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Proxy Server?

when u go to internet options then click connections and lan settings then u put in a addresses and port...i need help...can yall give me some codes plz.

no websites...plz

Proxy Server?
1-if you are connecting to a local network(in office for example) then you want to know from where your network gets it's Internet

2- some ISPs require to fill those information to connect

just ask them
Reply:Actually you can just leave those setting blank. You don't need a proxy server to connect to the internet.
Reply:try,new web proxy

Proxy Server?

How do I connect to the internet through a public proxy? I am behind a BT Home Hub router.

Proxy Server?
[new updated weekly]to get other web proxy try these :
Reply:hummmm...what are your intentions? Usually when I hear this, there is someone trying to be sneaky or to do something evil. So more importantly, WTF are you trying to do? :)

Seriously though, all you should have to do is go to one of the proxy web sites, like, and they will give you a virtual web page (a page within a page) where you can surf.

Most companies and schools try to block these sites, but there is no way, in the fast pace changing internet, to block all of them.

Reply:Just use this proxy ... It is a Working Proxy

Proxy Server?

Where should i place the proxy adress?

Proxy Server?
Most client software that you use to connect to the internet has the option to specify the proxy server. Normally, it is found in "Options", "Preferences", "Settings", and "Configuration". Just look for those words in the menu.

You should use "Noadware":It's very effective.I don't have anymore problems with spyware,pop-up, Trojan or computer viruses.Now, you can download and try for FREE.Check it out here:
Reply:better you told us your internet browser

ok in Microsoft Internet Explorer :

open a page then %26gt; tools %26gt; Internet Options... %26gt; Connectiones %26gt; then select your connection and then select Settings %26gt; in "Proxy Server" partition check the "use a proxy server for this connection..." %26gt; then put the address and port %26gt; ok all windows.

thats all
Reply:Here's a proxy list.

Proxy server?

i want to access the block site

plez tell me some proxy site

Proxy server?
Use ; new and unblocked
Reply:some brand new proxy lists which is free and unlock

myspace,youtube,facebook, etc.

Here is the lists:
Reply:Here is the big list of proxy sites that you can use for login to hotmail or any other blocked website

Tons here, updates, works

Reply:try proxies

is their latest domain

is their secure server i use it my collage

works for restricted countries like UAE its a tunneling server

get in tuch if u have any probs at

they give regular updates emails for subscribers(free) on their newly launched domains
Reply:use the

It's great,and so faster. is a compilation of speedy and functional proxy sites. It allows you to unblock/bypass websites that are currently blocked in your isp system, country, school or colleges. We add freshly proxies and remove bad proxies to expedite user experiences everyday. hides your computer identification beyond walls, websites are unable to track your real information; you are kept annoymous. Thou, the proxy sites listed are not powered or hosted by us, we add them because they are proven to be fast and working. We are not responsbile for their sites or any actions performed by you using our service.


Brothersoft Support
Reply:Try (this proxy can not be blocked)
Reply: happens to be the fastest youtube and myspace proxy I've ever used.
Reply:Youtube and Myspace Proxy...

Works great with youtube, myspace, facebook, and bebo...

Watch videos and play online flash games in school or at work.

One of the fastest unblocking proxies available.
Reply:You can use the new fast proxy located at


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